"Rivaal" Guesthouse-Café
lies on a picturesque riverbank of the Põltsamaa River in the centre of the town called Põltsamaa.

Põltsamaa is a small green town with a beautiful river and 17 white bridges. In the centre of the town there is a lovely rose island to go for a walk. At Põltsamaa you can also find the biggest rose garden in Estonia with 800 different sorts of roses.
Põltsamaa is called the Wine Capital and it has Wine Cellar in the Castle Yard – the favourite place for visitors.

Wpark, the largest water board center in Estonia.
WakePark is located in Kamari, Põltsamaa municipality.
WPark has a total of 16 different track elements.
Kuningamäe Health Trail
Kuningamäe discgolf park
There is a 14-basket disc golf course in Kuningamäe, Põltsamaa.

Felixhal sports center Kuningamäe winter center
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